The NCETM PD Lead Development and Accreditation Programmes

(Early Years, Primary, Secondary, Core and Level 3 Mathematics)

2018/19 – Information and Application


The NCETM and the Maths Hubs Network aim to provide the opportunity for all teachers of mathematics to benefit from high quality, collaborative professional development. This means that there need to be enough people with the skills and capacity to lead, facilitate and support the professional development of others both within and across schools.

The NCETM PD Lead Development and Accreditation (PDLDA) programme is designed specifically to increase the number of such people and is part of the Maths Hubs Network’s strategy to build up a group of Professional Development Leads who can support the work of hubs.

Maths Hubs are now recruiting teachers to join these programmes in 2018-19.


The programme

The programme consists of three face-to-face days and a series of in-school and independent planning and study tasks spread over the academic year. It is designed for colleagues who have existing experience as a PD Lead either within their own school, college or organisation or more widely, and who wish to develop further in this role.

Successful completion of the programme will result in the participant being accredited by the NCETM and their details entered in the Accredited PD Leads section of the CPD Providers’ Directory on the NCETM website.

Through engaging with a mixture of Mathematics Pedagogy, PD Lead and PD task specific sessions throughout the three face-to-face days, participants will:

  • Consider some key questions related to the nature and quality of effective professional development activities and programmes.
  • Examine fundamental themes and issues in mathematics and mathematics teaching (including those related to the National Curriculum, exam syllabi and teaching for mastery) and to consider the implications of these when supporting other teachers.
  • Learn to plan, execute and evaluate effective CPD sessions, Work Groups, projects and programmes.


In addition, a key element of the programme is to plan, run and evaluate a series of PD sessions or a PD programme for a group of teachers. Accreditation will be based on the participant’s ability to:

  • document the processes and actions required to undertake this task;
  • critically evaluate the effectiveness of the PD;
  • reflect on the whole process and critically assess their own learning and practice development as a PD Lead.

Who should apply

The programme is for teachers with previous experience of leading the professional development of other teachers of mathematics, either in their own school/college, or more widely. Participants will be expected to commit to the full programme of activities and will need the support of their organisation to enable full participation. Applicants must have the willingness and capacity to work with teachers in other schools/colleges locally and their school must support this as well. In addition, the applicant will require the support of a Maths Hub, who will sponsor their participation in the programme and provide opportunity for them to work as a PD Lead.



The PDLDA programmes are funded by the Maths Hub Network[1]. Funding covers provision of the three face-to-face days, online and email coaching and tutoring from the Work Group Leads throughout the duration of the programme and all administration involved in subsequent accreditation. This means that all applicants must be sponsored by a Maths Hub. Please indicate on your application form, to which Maths Hub you are applying and from whom you are seeking sponsorship (a list of the Maths Hubs names is given in the appendix).

Travelling expenses and supply cover are not funded.


How to apply

Applicants, with the support of their head teacher/principal/senior manager, should complete the form below and submit it to the NCETM ( by 31st July 2018. You will receive a confirmation of receipt email from the NCETM. The selection process will be completed by mid September 2018 and you will receive notification of the result of your application soon after.

The Maths Hubs Network has a limited amount of funds each year to develop and accredit PD Leads.#



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