Teaching for Mastery in Maths Work Group

In the 2018 summer term the 35 Maths Hubs across England (co-ordinated by the NCETM) are seeking to recruit primary schools to take part in a programme of professional development in 2018-2019, designed to support schools in implementing a teaching for mastery approach.

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The impact of being part of a TRG has enabled our school to make immediate and fundamental improvements to the way in we teach maths. We fully anticipate sustainable further developments in the long term. The impact has encompassed the planning, delivery and the evaluation of lessons. There is now a real ‘buzz’ about the teaching of maths at Cale Green.

To have the opportunity to watch an exemplar lesson delivered by Phil Brooke at Alexandra Park Primary School and then to participate in the professional dialogue following the lesson proved to be an excellent starting point for training in our school.

Following that, we have had whole school staff meetings and INSET sessions covering the 5 big ideas and demonstrated how everything fits together. Then both myself in Year 1 and the Year 6 teacher Nicola Lewis, planned and taught TRG lessons that demonstrated the techniques we wanted all at school to use. This included giving TAs the opportunity to observe the lessons and play a crucial part in the feedback process to develop of a set of principles to lead maths teaching forwards in our school.

The staff are now using these principles in our lesson study and in daily teaching. We have had have ongoing training and support from Phil to broaden our lines of enquiry and to use the good practice in other schools as a tool to further raise standards at Cale Green .

We will continue to embrace the TRG process to maintain the focus on maths in the long term and plan to use it in other subjects in the future.

Michelle Cronshaw

Maths Lead – Cale Green Primary School



The school’s involvement in the TRG professional development model, expertly led by Phil Brooke, has been critical to driving improvements in maths achievement for the children at Cale Green.

The staff, including TAs, have enthusiastically embraced all that the TRG has had to offer. The teaching of maths has been transformed. Many of the principles of ‘lesson design’ are actively being explored to support improvements in other areas of the curriculum.

The TRG project has been introduced at Cale Green using a lesson study model. The detailed introduction to the project, exemplar lessons and CPD from Phil Brooke in the autumn term, as well as the opportunity to network with other schools facilitated by Phil, served ideally as a ‘research period’. The highly effective training for the two staff leading the TRG at Cale Green, Michelle Cronshaw and Nicola Lewis, developed their role as ‘knowledgeable others’ who have been able to expertly lead other staff in the school and deliver high quality ‘research lessons’ as a result of Phil’s clear guidance and support.

Crucially, in-year progress data is indicating accelerated progress across the school from the Early Years through to Year 6. As a result there is a determination from the staff to ensure that the teaching of mastery in maths remains firmly embedded in every classroom.

Put quite simply, our involvement in the TRG has led to the biggest single improvement in the teaching of maths in my 31 year career as a teacher. It has had a profound impact. I would unreservedly recommend involvement in this project to any school.

David Marshall

Headteacher – Cale Green Primary School


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