Sport England have moved the grant delivery deadlines so that we can continue to deliver on this project into Autumn now

Message from Laura & Dani:

PE colleagues we hope you are all keeping well, safe and active during this difficult time. However, we are sure you will all agree, Joe Wicks is doing a great job in our absence! If you haven’t heard already, his daily PE lessons have become a huge hit around the country with over half a million viewers every day and he is continuing to keep the nation active, even with a recently broken hand.

Exercise is so important for physical and mental health, with NHS guidelines suggesting 5-18 year olds, should engage in the equivalent of at least 60 minutes a day of moderate-to-vigorous intensity activity across the week.  It’s even more important now, as we spend time in self-isolation and experience cognitive and emotional changes which can have an impact on our concentration and motivation.  

We have placed the Joe Wicks link below along with a few others for you to share with your students/staff along with some simple messages to help convey why it’s so important to stay physically active while we all experience these huge changes to our lifestyles. 

Please do stay in touch and if you have any ideas/links that have been a hit with your students, let’s keep working together and sharing resources, as we continue to keep our students physically active. 


Why is it even more important to stay active now?

–       Many of us are experiencing uncertainty which can contribute towards feelings of anxiety.  Staying physically active can help to lower stress levels, releasing endorphins and help to maintain our sense of wellbeing (the sense of feeling good about ourselves and the ability to deal with the ups and downs of life and making the most of opportunities)

–       At times like these, it can be easy to fall into unhealthy patterns of behaviour which can make you feel worse. Exercise can keep us feeling energised, help with routine and improve sleep

–       Exercising regularly can also improve concentration, memory and mood.  As we experience an extended period of working and learning from home, it plays an important role in refocussing the mind

–       Some older students who have put their usual exercise routine on hold may find this period challenging so looking at different ways to stay active and setting realistic goals can promote a positive mindset and sense of achievement


Here is a list of fabulous dance and PE resources to support students at home:


Joe Wicks (Home workouts) –

10 minute HIIT workout –


Workouts for siblings/to compete against friends 

(get students in groups to share their results or complete over facetime)

Fitness Bingo –

Nandos Workout –

Alphabet Challenge –





Tumble Tots daily live classes



Oti Mabuse kids live dance classes



Alvin Ailey live classes (just note the time difference – 4 hours)


Italia Conti lots of warmups and routines to learn



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