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STEM Learning

STEM Learning is the largest provider of education and careers support in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). We work with schools, colleges and others working with young people across the UK.

Supported by a unique partnership of Government, charitable trusts and employers, we are dedicated to raising young people’s engagement and achievement in STEM subjects and careers.

Teacher CPD Offer:

Intensive CPD

Funded by Enthuse Charitable Trust. Residential and fully funded (2-9 day courses), takes place at the National STEM Centre, York. Full range of courses available that cover all aspects of STEM:

Online CPD

This is fully funded and is of high quality. The most popular online courses we have include ‘Managing behaviour’ and ‘Assessment for Learning’. Some online courses form part of a blended learning package – a mix of online and face to face CPD.

Face to face and Remote Network CPD (rCPD)

delivered through our national network of Science Learning Partnerships (SLPs) and heavily subsidised by the DfE. Provides science CPD for teachers and technicians with a varied programme according to local needs and complements the national intensive CPD. Bespoke CPD is often delivered if there is a specialist need. Programmes are adaptable to include full day, half day, twilight sessions, etc. In some cases, schools and colleges may qualify for additional funding.

STEM Ambassadors:

Funded by Business Enterprise and Industrial Strategy. These are volunteers from all industries and academia that work with schools and colleges to deliver talks, workshops, mentoring, assemblies or work with teachers in lessons to link curriculum content to the real world: remote delivery is also available. Over 30,000 STEM Ambassadors are registered and the offer is fully funded through local STEM Ambassador Hubs that co-ordinate the work of STEM Ambassadors in each region of the UK.

ENTHUSE Partnerships

£20,000 worth of funding that becomes available at different points in the year depending on your geographical region. The funding is for a group of 6-8 schools and colleges to access CPD, STEM Insight work placements for teachers and other enrichment activities. 

STEM clubs

The offer of resources, CPD and coaching to support setting up or sustaining STEM clubs and funding opportunities or engagement of STEM Ambassadors:

Enthuse Placement CPD:

Available to schools/colleges that are part of an ENTHUSE Partnership. Work placement for teachers at either industry or a university.

Enthuse Celebration Awards

Recognition for teachers or educational institutions that have engaged with our CPD. 

STEM Inspiration Awards:

Annual award scheme that recognises and celebrates individuals, organisations and clubs working to inspire young people in science, technology, engineering and maths. An opportunity to foster relationships with local industry and employers.

Enrichment programmes:

Numerous projects and activities to engage and inspire learners and support cross MAT projects or transition, including the Polar Explorer Programme, ESERO-UK Space-context resources, Quantum technologies and The Grand Challenges.

Rolls Royce Science Prize

Annual awards programme that helps teachers implement science and mathematics teaching ideas in their schools or colleges. £1000 Special Merit Award for up to 50 schools or colleges is awarded every year.

Information posters

Supporting students to understand employability skills and teachers to understand the Gatsby benchmarks and good career guidance in STEM. Copies available from our website

National Centre for Computing Education (NCCE)

The National Centre for Computing Education is funded by the Department for Education and marks a significant investment in improving the provision of computing education in England.

Run by a consortium made up of STEM Learning, the Raspberry Pi Foundation and BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, our vision is to achieve a world-leading computing education for every child in England.

Computer Science Accelerator Programme (CSA)

A fully funded professional development programme, leading to a certification “Teach GCSE computer Science” awarded by BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT, along with generous bursaries for the school on completion. It is designed to support teachers from specialist and non-specialist backgrounds who want to improve their knowledge of computer science so they can teach it effectively at GCSE and lower levels

F2F/remoteCPD and Online CPD

Professional development courses delivered through out national network of Computing Hubs to support the teaching of computing from Key Stages 1-4. All courses are heavily subsidised through the DfE and generous bursaries are available for specific schools.

We have links with 

  • Bingley Computing Hub
  • NCCE Computing Hub Merseyside & Warrington
  • Tameside Computing Hub
  • West Yorkshire and North West Computing Hub

School Engagement Programme

A wide ranging programme designed to support all primary and secondary schools to deliver Computing.  The programme is delivered through Subject Matter Experts with generous bursaries and fully-funded consultancy are available to help eligible schools to introduce GCSE Computer Science and to support schools at risk of dropping GCSE CS. (Low uptake, continuous poor results for the past 2 years, OFSTED or LA stated subject is a weakness, staffing changes have led to reduced capacity.) There is also support for primary and secondary schools in LAD 5&6 areas.

Resource Repository

World-class units of work for KS1-4 including lesson plans, assessments, activities, unit guides and teacher guides to support the teaching of Computing. All resources are freely available online. The resource bank is still being built up. All resources will be online by the start of the new academic year.

Subject Knowledge Assessments

Access to a wide range of diagnostic questions and formative assessment quizzes on the Eedi platform related to Computing. It enables teachers to build bespoke assessments for their pupils to identify what they do not understand and why they are going wrong.

Isaac Computer Science

A learning platform for A Level Computer Science students and teachers. It provides high-quality online learning materials for use in the classroom, for homework, and for revision. Resources are being written to cover every topic in the AQA and OCR A Level Computer Science specifications.

Home Learning Resources

A collection of resources and partner websites to support home learning.

Home teaching

Home teaching is a new programme designed to help students to continue their computing studies while at home. Teachers and parents will be able to schedule the activities as part of the school day.

Using our network of Computing Hubs and our consortium resources, we are providing you with a timetable of sequential, topic-led activities and live online support during the summer term. The programme will cover all priority curriculum topics, across all key stages.

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