School Improvement

Improving A level Maths, Embedding Technology

Would you like to be more confident in using technology to enhance your teaching? 

This Work Group is an opportunity to develop skills in using technology.  It will enable you to embed the use of technology within your teaching using pre-prepared resources and making spontaneous use of technology in explaining and exploring mathematical ideas, as well as checking and deriving solutions across a wide range of topics relevant to Higher level GCSE Mathematics, Core Maths and A level Mathematics.

Programme Outline

The work group consists of 2 sessions.  It is fully funded by the NCETM as one of their priority courses focusing on ‘Embedding technology in A level mathematics’.  This is now the third year that the course has been offered.

Course Tutor

The work group is led by Mick Blaylock, part-time lecturer at MMU and also a mathematics education researcher, conference speaker, CPD provider with AMSP and A level examiner.  In addition to extensive classroom teaching experience Mick was an HMI before leading the DfE funded Core Maths Support Programme.

Dates and Times


Date Venue Times
Day 1 4th March 2020 Loreto College, Manchester M15 5PB 10:00 – 16:00
Day 2 10th June 2020 Loreto College, Manchester M15 5PB 10:00 – 16:00

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