My Teacher Training Journey

As the weather gets hotter, the leaves get greener and the word ‘SATs’ becomes part of my every day, the realisation Emilythat I’m over half way through my teacher training journey at the Alliance for Learning SCITT dawns on me. That feeling, it’s hard to describe, but I’ll try to sum it up.

You wake up every morning and have to be a mad scientist, a math magician, a writer, an entertainer, an artist, a shoulder to cry on, a hugger, a footballer, a best friend and to be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I won’t lie, training to become a teacher isn’t easy – there are probably simpler and less stressful ways to spend a year. The panic of planning and marking, particularly going into our second placement, is terrifying. (How will I find the time?! Gosh, I hope the children actually like me. What, I’ve got a week to teach money?! I’ve got teach what…? What does that word even mean…..?) BUT I can guarantee, that feeling you get….that feeling of complete euphoria when you’ve completely captured 30 little minds makes it all worth it. The ultimate ‘I’ve got this’ moment. It reminds you why you started in the first place.

This came towards the end of my first placement with my Year 5 class. I’m lucky enough to be placed within a Teaching School that has wonderful partner schools and was thrilled to be placed at Christ Church C of E Primary. From the moment I arrived I experienced nothing but warmth and positivity. As I finished off marking our last piece of work, I was able to reflect on the rollercoaster journey that we’ve been on together. We started at the beginning of the year, fresh and nervous, not really knowing what to expect and, over time, we grew from strength to strength as a class. Each individual personality shining through their work. I’ve had laughs, tears, tantrums and more but just seeing their progress, physically there on the page I’ve never been prouder. You’re able to see the impact that you have on each individual child and that, in itself, is hugely rewarding. It made me realise that you’re not just teacher and pupils – it’s much more than that. You’re a family and you need the children just as much as they need you. This was the moment I’d been waiting for. And now I get to do it all over again starting my next placement at Lewis Street Primary.

Looking back on my first day in the classroom, where I was so excited and enthusiastic, and having that same feeling now when I come into school every morning, almost 6 months later, is something I will always be thankful for. The values of our Teaching School/SCITT really are lived out every day and the school ethos of ‘giving everything a go and trying your best’ shines through every element – it has provided the best opportunity for me to grow as a trainee teacher. From the mentors and the children to the support staff and more, everyone is so supportive and willing to help. Don’t worry – you’ll never be on your own.

In summary, yes it’s scary. Yes, it’s hard. Yes, it’s stressful. But remember, we’re doing an amazing thing. So, don’t worry. You’ve got this.




Emily, March 2019

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