Maths Hub Expansion in the North

The Maths Hubs Network, currently comprising 35 Maths Hubs across England, is to be extended to 37 hubs, with the creation, over the next two years, of two new Maths Hubs: one serving central Lancashire, and one serving Cheshire and the Wirral. In addition, in other Maths Hubs in the North of England, leadership capacity will be extended by the appointment of new, school-based Assistant Maths Hub Leads to widen the geographical reach of each hub.

This expansion builds on the success of the programme, launched with 32 Maths Hubs in 2014. Further expansion, in other English regions, is likely to be announced in 2019.

Since leading a Maths Hub is a significant and demanding system leadership role, there will be a two-year process to identify and develop schools to fill that role. Initially, the NCETM and DfE are looking for three schools in each new hub’s area to work alongside the leadership of adjoining Maths Hubs. This will enable them to acquire the experience and expertise necessary to lead fully independent Maths Hubs by 2020/21.

Briefing meetings for interested schools, one in Preston and one in Chester, are being run by the NCETM on Wednesday 6 June. Timings of these meetings and full details of the entire process, including the application form, can be found on this link:

The closing date for applications is Monday 18 June.

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