Headteacher Care Package

Headteacher Care Package

HEAD2HEAD connecting serving Headteachers at this challenging time

We offer lots of wellbeing support. Whether you want mental health or wellbeing CPD, counselling or supervision we have it all here for you.

However, what our Headteachers are finding most useful is actually talking to each other, sometimes you have to be truly immersed in it to understand the pressures and ‘peer to peer’ support has never been so important. We recognise that the role of Headteacher/Principal & Deputy Head/VP is very unique and challenging at the moment and that speaking to others in the same position to off load, work through things or simply just to #connect is so helpful. Many of our Headteachers will have a colleague they can talk to but many won’t. Equally we recognise that matching up Headteachers in similar contexts and perhaps talking to someone completely out of area and unconnected to you and your school can often be useful to.

Our staff have suddenly become ‘front line workers’ and as leaders the ongoing uncertainty, lack of planning and control coupled with no real ‘down time’ is utterly exhausting.

You are not alone, you never have been but at Bright Futures Alliance for Learning we want to do more to help you.  Our values of Integrity, Community and Passion mean that we strive to do the right thing and collaboration is genuinely at the heart of all our work. Together we know our thinking is always better, more diverse, more refined.

We also recognise that Deputy Headteachers/VPS are also facing similar pressures and we want to connect them too recognising that it is very much a team approach.


  • Please click here to see our range of Mental Health CPD opportunities. 
  • If you wish to engage with useful wellbeing content and wish to see some brilliant resources shared by schools you might want to visit :  www.well-school.org.  If you want to network nationally with Headteachers who place wellbeing at the heart of school life https://www.well-school.org/g/headteachers



  • Additional coaching support from business leaders: this allows you to have a 1-1 confidential conversation with an experienced BUPA leader to talk through any challenges. Please contact russell@bupa.com if you’re interested in this.
  • BUPA Foundation Wellbeing for Educators programme: find out more and sign up here
  • BUPA Foundation SLT guide to supporting staff wellbeing during Covid-19 – please click here to access
  • BUPA Foundation Staff guide: supporting your wellbeing during Covid-19  please click here to access


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