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Emotional Wellbeing Audits

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Cost: The audit usually lasts two days and costs £1250

The Alliance for Learning Emotional Wellbeing Audit is based upon the Sandwell Well-being Charter Mark which has been co-developed by Educational Psychologists and Sandwell Council’s Public Health Department as a way to recognise the promotion of positive mental health and wellbeing in Sandwell schools.

Our Alliance for Learning audit addresses the wellbeing and mental health of all those in the school community by gathering the views of parents, staff, and pupils.

Our audit takes into account a wealth of good practice and we look at the eight principles described by Public Health England.

We also aim to ensure that schools are active, happy places for all.

It requires collaboration with the Senior Leadership Team within the school, using an action research approach to engage and support the school through the process.

Benefits of an audit:

  • Supports a whole school approach that embeds the promotion of well-being throughout the culture of the school and curriculum
  • Allows staff to reflect on and consider the curriculum offer, which promotes emotional wellbeing
  • Considers the experiences and views of pupils, parents and staff
  • Allows specific strategies and ideas to be reflected into an action plan
  • Accesses specialist knowledge and resources from the audit team
  • Considers the wellbeing offers at a wave 1, 2 and 3 level and offers ideas for further development
  • You will receive a full written report

The audit usually lasts two days and costs £1250

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