Supporting Trans Pupils in the Primary Setting

Course Outline

Mermaids has been supporting transgender, nonbinary and gender diverse children, young people and their families since 1995. Set up by a small group of concerned parents coming together to share experiences, find answers and look for ways to keep children safe and happy. Mermaids, has evolved into one of the UK’s leading LGBTQ+ charities.

Mermaids will deliver an LGBT-inclusive diversity session which will include:

– Understanding gender identity and gender diversity: what it means to be trans or gender non-conforming

– LGBT+ terminology

– Challenges faced by LGBT young people: isolation, bullying and discrimination, family issues, social situations, mental health, transitioning while at school etc.

– Transition pathways, including healthcare

– Changing names, systems and forms

– Legal responsibilities: The Equality Act, hate crime incidents, transphobia, managing single-sex spaces

– Improving LGBT+ equality and diversity: policies, guidance, recommended resources

Bringing to life the Mermaids training, delegates will hear from Matt Carroll, Headteacher at Rushbrook Primary School, who will talk you through the steps and stages the school have taken to support a Trans pupil. Matt will talk about how they have engaged with pupils and parents to ensure students feel safe, secure and happy.

Menopause Training- Making Every Contact Count (MECC)

Designed by the Royal Society for Public Health in collaboration with Bluesci and with funding
from Health Education England, this menopause awareness training seeks to develop knowledge,
skills and confidence to integrate relevant conversations and support.

Traditionally, menopause is viewed as a specialist medical and clinical condition and as such,
most people at the frontline of running support services or initiatives within the health system,
the community and workplaces, do not routinely ask about menopause. It is not surprising that
women are reluctant or feel unable to talk about menopause and its impact on their lives.

Through the Making Every Contact Count (MECC) approach, participants will be able to challenge this
culture and openly have menopause related conversations with friends, family, a colleague or
with an individual accessing a service. Using the 3A’s (ASK, ASSIST, ACT) framework, participants
will be able to explore the physical, emotional and social impacts of menopause, and provide
information about how to access information and local support through menopause cafes, GPs,
lifestyle services, online resources and apps.

During this 3 hour session, participants will be able to:

  1. Review their knowledge of menopause
  2. Reflect on the relevance of menopause as part of their organisation’s work
  3. Discuss recognition of menopause and associated risks of missed diagnosis
  4. Make action plans on what they can do to progress practice within their service/organisation

At the end of the programme, all participants will receive a certificate of attendance with 2
continuous professional development (CPD) points.


Trauma Informed Support (Including Attachment)- In Person

Why do some children behave the way they do and how can we help them? This is fantastic Mental Health training for education staff working with Adopted, Looked After or Vulnerable Pupils.  It would be beneficial to complete our Mental Health First Aid training first, but not essential.




Programme structure

This day long course is delivered by an external trainer, Lisa Wisher, who is a qualified Mental Health First Aid England Instructor, Social Worker, Psychotherapist (in Advanced Training) and adopter.

Course aims

The core aims of the programme are to:

  • Explain how trauma and abuse impacts on a child’s mental health
  • Explore how events in childhood affect lifelong mental health
  • Explain how children who have experienced trauma and abuse may behave in school
  • Explore ways schools can support the mental health of their students who have experience early trauma

What does it involve?

The content is a mixture of up to date theory and research on attachment and neuroscience, which will help participants understand the often contradictory and difficult behaviour of some pupils.

It also provides an opportunity to learn and identify a range of practical and tried and tested strategies, which can be adapted to different educational settings to help children who have been adopted, looked after or who remain in difficult home environments. The course also provides an interactive opportunity for participants to bring their own individual case studies – to help identify bespoke strategies for their pupil/s. 

“Lisa’s training was transformational – it enabled teachers and support staff to really appreciate what was behind some of the behaviours we see in the classroom and to deal with the behaviour in a non-confrontational way to that teaching & learning wasn’t compromised”Abraham Guest in Wigan -2015

“This was the best behaviour training I have ever attended”.Flixton Girls School –2014

“This training really opened my eyes and Lisa’s style of delivery was so engaging – we didn’t want it to end”AGGS SCITT Trainees – 2015

Health & Wellbeing Reviews

Conducting a Health & Wellbeing Review across your Local Authority (LA) or Multi Academy Trust (MAT) is a valuable opportunity forleaders to reflect on when considering how to further develop and improve their provisions.

A Health & Wellbeing Review will enable leaders to have a thorough understanding of the full spectrum of the mental health and wellbeing needs of pupils (including those with SEND) and colleagues in its schools and how well this is linked to the LA or MAT’s priorities.

Although leaders can undertake self-evaluation of their LA or MATs internally, it can be helpful to involve an external partner in the process.

Here at Bright Futures Alliance for Learning we have a plethora of experience in conducting large scale Health & Wellbeing Reviews and with a team of Mental Health England trained national facilitators, we are well placed to service your needs. Our Health & Wellbeing review packages are bespoke to each setting and are designed in partnership with you, to make sure it fits with your current systems and structures.

We believe that Health & Wellbeing Reviews should be a collaborative two-way process, where our team of reviewers work alongside your leaders to consider the evidence and agree the strengths, areas for development and key priorities together. The process supports professional development and should result in the sharing of new ideas and practices.

The review itself is just the start; the process will only be truly beneficial if the findings from the review are used to support strategic development planning at LA or MAT level.

Here are just some of the LA’s and MATs we have worked with:

  • Bolton Council
  • Bury Council
  • Enquire Learning Trust
  • Featherstone
  • Learning without Limits
  • Link 4 Life
  • Star
  • TBAP
  • TCAT
  • Thames Learning Trust
  • Trafford Council
  • United Learning Trust

For more information please contact Claire Critchley:

Bright Futures Leadership Conference (TUESDAY 5TH JULY)

We’re delighted to introduce Bright Futures inaugural Leadership Conference.  The theme of our Conference is ‘Winning, being better today than yesterday’.  We have a number of highly respected key note speakers confirmed.  They will each be exploring the theme of ‘Winning’ from the world of education and beyond to challenge our thinking and explore how collaboration, motivation and creativity can bring us and our school communities to a point of ‘Winning’.  It is no coincidence that our conference will take place on the eve of UEFA Women’s Euros 2022, hosts England kick off the first match at Old Trafford.  After the huge excitement of last year’s UEFA Men’s Euros, we can think of no better opportunity to be exploring ‘Winning’!

With Keynotes from:

Please click on the speaker to read their bio

Manchester Schools Diversity Series for School Leaders & Teachers (Schools within Manchester CC LA)



Saturday 25th June 9:30am – 11:00am

In this session we will support leaders from diverse backgrounds in considering their leadership pathways and career progression.

The session will:

●  Share strategies for evaluating your skill set

●  Focus you on demonstrating your impact

●  Explore your visibility in the workplace

●  Develop your self-advocacy skills

●  Identify your support mechanisms

●  Support you in growing your network

LGBT+ Awareness Primary & Secondary

To Celebrate LGBT+ History Month, Bright Futures Alliance for Learning, in partnership with The Proud Trust, are delivering essential training for Primary and Secondary Schools. The Proud Trust is an LGBT+ organisation that supports LGBT+ young people through youth groups, peer support, mentoring programs and the Proud Connections chat service.

This one day training course will encourage practitioners to become more LGBT+ inclusive (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, plus other related identities), by:

• Offering a deep exploration and explanation of current appropriate terminology across a range of identities.

• Giving real life examples of the school experience of LGBT+ young people, and those from LGBT+ families.

• Giving the skills, tools and knowledge to confidently and consistently recognise, challenge and prevent LGBTphobic language and behaviours.

• Discussing how to meet the legal, Ofsted (if you’re a school) and moral obligations to do LGBT+ inclusive work.

• Showcasing a series of age-appropriate and recommended resources for creating LGBT+ inclusive lessons or sessions, spaces and settings.

• Action planning for your organisation.

Resources and examples will be tailored for Primary and Secondary.

Headteacher Care Package

HEAD2HEAD connecting serving Headteachers at this challenging time

We offer lots of wellbeing support. Whether you want mental health or wellbeing CPD, counselling or supervision we have it all here for you.

However, what our Headteachers are finding most useful is actually talking to each other, sometimes you have to be truly immersed in it to understand the pressures and ‘peer to peer’ support has never been so important. We recognise that the role of Headteacher/Principal & Deputy Head/VP is very unique and challenging at the moment and that speaking to others in the same position to off load, work through things or simply just to #connect is so helpful. Many of our Headteachers will have a colleague they can talk to but many won’t. Equally we recognise that matching up Headteachers in similar contexts and perhaps talking to someone completely out of area and unconnected to you and your school can often be useful to.

Our staff have suddenly become ‘front line workers’ and as leaders the ongoing uncertainty, lack of planning and control coupled with no real ‘down time’ is utterly exhausting.

You are not alone, you never have been but at Bright Futures Alliance for Learning we want to do more to help you.  Our values of Integrity, Community and Passion mean that we strive to do the right thing and collaboration is genuinely at the heart of all our work. Together we know our thinking is always better, more diverse, more refined.

We also recognise that Deputy Headteachers/VPS are also facing similar pressures and we want to connect them too recognising that it is very much a team approach.


  • Please click here to see our range of Mental Health CPD opportunities. 
  • If you wish to engage with useful wellbeing content and wish to see some brilliant resources shared by schools you might want to visit :  If you want to network nationally with Headteachers who place wellbeing at the heart of school life



  • Additional coaching support from business leaders: this allows you to have a 1-1 confidential conversation with an experienced BUPA leader to talk through any challenges. Please contact if you’re interested in this.
  • BUPA Foundation Wellbeing for Educators programme: find out more and sign up here
  • BUPA Foundation SLT guide to supporting staff wellbeing during Covid-19 – please click here to access
  • BUPA Foundation Staff guide: supporting your wellbeing during Covid-19  please click here to access


We will follow our own GDPR policies which can be viewed here and of course will never share your details or use them for marketing purposes.

This initiative is supported by:

Teacher Toolkit Ross McGill 
Bright Futures Educational Trust
Teach Happy
We Do Wellbeing
Alpha Wellbeing Associates
Totius Counselling & Training
Glove Consulting
Well Schools
One Education

Pupil Premium Reviewer Training- NOW FULLY BOOKED

The TSC Pupil Premium Reviewer Guide has been updated and written in partnership with DfE, EEF and the West Midlands Pupil Premium Reviewer Training centre, based at The Golden Thread Teaching School Hub lead school, Painsley Catholic College in Cheadle, Staffordshire. Bright Futures Teaching School Hubs are working in partnership with the Golden Thread TS Hub to bring the Pupil Premium Reviewer training to Greater Manchester.

The content is delivered by Clare Oberman, Pupil Premium Reviewer Trainer.  Clare has delivered training to over 70 NLEs.  

The training will equip reviewers to carry out reviews, share the latest guidance and best practice from DfE, and will lead to Pupil Premium Reviewer accreditation. This will enable participants to carry out accredited reviews, using a set of tools provided. Once trained, reviewers may charge schools for completing reviews. 

This training is for NLEs and LLEs in the region, although SLEs who may be deployed by an NLE to complete this work can also attend.  The training is also open to Teaching School Hub Directors/Leads.

The course is open to PP leads from schools who may not be LLEs or NLEs but who want to improve their knowledge of how to monitor and sustain impact and improvements in their own schools and have a better understanding/knowledge of effective practices and processes. It is open to PP leads who wish to deepen their understanding of the PPR process. However, they cannot be fully accredited as reviewers unless they have LLE or NLE status.

What will it achieve?

Having completed the course participants will…

· Understand the updated TSC 6 step framework to a review;

· Explored barriers to reviews;

· Looked at effective practice and processes;

· Gained access to the online PPR resource centre;

· Be able to complete PP reviews as an accredited reviewer.

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