Supporting Trans Pupils in the Primary Setting

Course Outline

Mermaids has been supporting transgender, nonbinary and gender diverse children, young people and their families since 1995. Set up by a small group of concerned parents coming together to share experiences, find answers and look for ways to keep children safe and happy. Mermaids, has evolved into one of the UK’s leading LGBTQ+ charities.

Mermaids will deliver an LGBT-inclusive diversity session which will include:

– Understanding gender identity and gender diversity: what it means to be trans or gender non-conforming

– LGBT+ terminology

– Challenges faced by LGBT young people: isolation, bullying and discrimination, family issues, social situations, mental health, transitioning while at school etc.

– Transition pathways, including healthcare

– Changing names, systems and forms

– Legal responsibilities: The Equality Act, hate crime incidents, transphobia, managing single-sex spaces

– Improving LGBT+ equality and diversity: policies, guidance, recommended resources

Bringing to life the Mermaids training, delegates will hear from Matt Carroll, Headteacher at Rushbrook Primary School, who will talk you through the steps and stages the school have taken to support a Trans pupil. Matt will talk about how they have engaged with pupils and parents to ensure students feel safe, secure and happy.

Manchester Schools Diversity Series for School Leaders & Teachers (Schools within Manchester CC LA)



Saturday 25th June 9:30am – 11:00am

In this session we will support leaders from diverse backgrounds in considering their leadership pathways and career progression.

The session will:

●  Share strategies for evaluating your skill set

●  Focus you on demonstrating your impact

●  Explore your visibility in the workplace

●  Develop your self-advocacy skills

●  Identify your support mechanisms

●  Support you in growing your network

LGBT+ Awareness Primary & Secondary

To Celebrate LGBT+ History Month, Bright Futures Alliance for Learning, in partnership with The Proud Trust, are delivering essential training for Primary and Secondary Schools. The Proud Trust is an LGBT+ organisation that supports LGBT+ young people through youth groups, peer support, mentoring programs and the Proud Connections chat service.

This one day training course will encourage practitioners to become more LGBT+ inclusive (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, plus other related identities), by:

• Offering a deep exploration and explanation of current appropriate terminology across a range of identities.

• Giving real life examples of the school experience of LGBT+ young people, and those from LGBT+ families.

• Giving the skills, tools and knowledge to confidently and consistently recognise, challenge and prevent LGBTphobic language and behaviours.

• Discussing how to meet the legal, Ofsted (if you’re a school) and moral obligations to do LGBT+ inclusive work.

• Showcasing a series of age-appropriate and recommended resources for creating LGBT+ inclusive lessons or sessions, spaces and settings.

• Action planning for your organisation.

Resources and examples will be tailored for Primary and Secondary.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Leadership Programme

We believe that supporting and challenging individuals in their beliefs around diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as ensuring cultural commitment to the work at a strategic level, are the best means of securing safe and inclusive schools for the whole community.

The programme consists of:

  • 10 x sessions over 10 months
  • A series of interactive workshops
  • Intersessional research tasks to be undertaken by all participants
  • Delivered by 2 former Headteachers who have led this work in their own schools and in grassroots communities     
  • Recommended reading list

Race, Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Programme

The Programme

We are delighted to be working in partnership with All-in Education to deliver a Race, Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Programme.  The session aims to raise awareness and building knowledge of D&I, race and biases and implementing changes in real-time. This two-pronged approach ensures maximum impact and value for money. 

The Programme will equip the Senior Leadership Teams with a solid understanding of what diversity and inclusion mean, the barriers faced by under-represented groups, different types of bias and how they manifest themselves in behaviours and in systems, such as culture, recruitment and talent management. The programme also explores how staff can manage inclusion in their school, through developing inclusive behaviours and by implementing changes to systems, processes and policies.

The aim of the second half of the programme is to identify key areas in the school that have the biggest impact on achieving greater diversity and a more inclusive workplace. Through a deep-dive into these areas the facilitator will help the Senior Leadership Team to identify biases that can be eradicated and recommend changes for more inclusive systems, processes and policies.

Course Structure

Pre-programme work

  • Questionnaire to gauge levels of D&I awareness and opportunity to put forward questions
  • Light pre-reading
  • Implicit Association Tests (IAT) – All attendees take race, gender and a third optional IAT test. The results are for attendees own learning but if they choose to share their results there will be an opportunity to do this in the session

Part 1 – Training Session 

  • Building knowledge around D&I – explore barriers to under-represented groups, diversity of thought and experience and moving towards the academy speaking with one voice about D&I
  • The Inclusion Illusion – inner and outer circles, different bias and discrimination, unconscious bias and mitigations
  • Becoming an inclusive leader – inclusive leadership and What’s In It For You
  • Exploring system changes to increase diversity and creating an inclusive workplace
  • Identify relevant business areas and processes areas to deep dive into in the Facilitated Consultancy Session

Part 2 – Facilitated Consultancy Session 

  • Conduct deep dive into priority areas identified in the Training Session e.g. talent management and appointments
  • Agreeing and committing to organisational change
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