Blog: Why I love SLE work

ME2Blog by Komal Hirani, Heathfield Primary School

SLE work has allowed me to use the experiences I have gained leading literacy, parent partnership, maths, KS1 and assessment. I have successfully carried out a range of school-to-school support developing staff skills and quality of teaching across the schools. Being an SLE allows me to adopt a range of leadership styles and provide bespoke solutions to support the whole school priorities. I love getting out into different schools- it’s so interesting!

I have recently supported with a school-to-school project for a number of RI schools. Throughout the project I worked in partnership with maths leads to develop their leadership capacity impacting on maths across the schools. The impact of the work I carried out enabled the schools to move to Good and the maths leaders securing SLT positions. With the positive outcomes that have followed my deployment, it has empowered and provided me with confidence to continue to further school-to-school support.

I was recently seconded to a neighbouring school after conducting some bespoke SLE work. Using the wonderful experiences I had gained whilst deployed as a SLE, I confidently implemented a range of strategies and skills which enabled leadership capacity to grow and identify strengths within the team I worked with.

SLE work is an enriching experience that has allowed me to develop my leadership styles and exposed me to a range of different challenges. I wholeheartedly endorse the SLE programme as it has helped me develop into a better leader and provides me with the challenges I am ready for.

The SLE work has even given me the confidence to consider moving onto Headship! The sky is the limit! If you haven’t considered being an SLE with the Alliance for Learning I really recommend it. Lisa really supports and coaches you and you don’t feel on your own with any tricky issues. It is fun!

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