Blog: The unexpected effects of ‘Raving with Rushbrook’ by Matthew Carroll, Principal, Rushbrook Primary Academy, Manchester

rushbrookWe started ‘Raving with Rushbrook’ as an additional way of keeping the children active and entertained and took inspiration from the fact that they were asking to see us whilst they are at home. We also decided to show the children and families a different side to us as everyone needs to raise a smile at the moment. What we didn’t realise is that this would have a huge impact on us as colleagues.  Dancing on a weekly basis has really lifted our spirits in such an uncertain time.

As someone who isn’t usually an enthusiastic dancer, I’ve enjoyed getting into the swing of things myself and these routines can boost confidence and prove that anyone can do it.  The sessions have also developed our team spirit, as they have given us the opportunity to experience each other’s company in a different way, which we would not normally have the time for.

The physical and mental health benefits have been huge as we have laughed together, talked to, and looked after each other in a positive way whilst exercising and keeping fit, which obviously releases our positive endorphins.

Overall, we are enjoying the experience and look forward to our next routine. Feedback from the children and their families has been great and they have loved getting involved as they feel that they are staying connected with us. We’d love it if we can all perform the routines in school when we are eventually back together.

Laura Anstey, Project Lead for Sport England’s teacher training hub at The Alliance for Learning and Head of Dance at Altrincham Grammar School for Girls, explains the benefits of dance:

“We all know the health benefits of physical exercise. Dance is a great way for pupils to access non-competitive and creative physical exercise. Participating in dance can improve your flexibility, cardiovascular health, balance, and strength. Dance is also fantastic for developing transferable skills such as confidence, memory and creativity, and it gives experience in using your body to communicate and express emotions. This also improves mental and emotional health by reducing stress, decreasing the symptoms of anxiety and depression, and boosting self-esteem.”

You can view ‘Raving with Rushbrook’ on our Rushbrook Primary Academy YouTube channel by following the link or follow us on twitter: @RushbrookBFET

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