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PSHE Launch 4 Feb 2020 (1)

In what has been hailed as an ‘historic’ moment, the government has finally published the first new guidance on relationships and sex education for 19 years! The health and ‘relationships and sex’ aspects of PSHE education will be compulsory in all schools from 2020. We are certain that PSHE Leads in our respective schools will all have championed this government commitment to strengthening PSHE’s status when the initial announcement was made last year.

The Department for Education has launched its statutory guidance on health, RSE and relationships education which sets out what schools must cover from 2020 – the guidance is marked as draft as it is awaiting final parliamentary sign-off, but we don’t expect any significant changes. The changes to status won’t come into effect until September 2020 but at the Alliance for Learning teaching school we are ensuring that we are fully prepared to meet these new requirements, and are already using guidance from the PSHE Association (who pre-empted many of these changes) to help us map out structured support which we plan to offer via our newly relaunched Alliance for Learning PSHE Hub Network. SAVE THE DATE 4pm 4th Feb @AGGS

It feels like the beginning of an exciting new era for the subject; with huge potential for a levelling-up of PSHE standards across all schools, building on the fantastic work that the Secondary schools across the North West have already been doing whilst ensuring that we are working closely with our colleagues in the Primary sector. It is our desire is for all young people to be educated in the skills and knowledge required to thrive in life, supported in their learning in order to succeed as healthy, well-rounded citizens. We believe that good quality PSHE is the vehicle for achieving this goal, but we also recognise the significant effort that will be required to ensure this and therefore believe that a collaborative approach will be essential to successful implementation. We also believe that PSHE leads ought to have good relationships with PE and @YouthSportTrust have been saying this for years- they help to put the H in PSHE! 

In a computer, excellent functioning is ensured by a hub; a common connection point for devices in a network, mainly used to convey and share important data. In the communication of data, it plays an eminent role by passing the data in one or more directions by receiving it from more than one direction…..which is exactly why we believe that our PSHE Hub Network (which we will use to signpost to useful resources, share good practice and unite primary and secondary schools) will  play an active role in ensuring that we can manage any changes in PSHE together!  

Our aim for our PSHE Hub Network is to work with other schools to enable sharing and learning from examples of good practice, whilst reducing the pressures of the additional workload that the new guidance entails. We believe that high quality, well-informed delivery of the PSHE curriculum is indispensable to maintaining/improving all students’ perceptions of the subject and enabling them to make progress in line with other subjects.

Ofsted’s own survey and recent research from the DfE has shown that strong PSHE is not only linked to the development of good personal, social and moral outcomes in children and young people but to good academic outcomes too.  The following quote from a recent DfE report sums this up rather well.

‘Children with higher levels of emotional, behavioural, social and school well-being on average have higher levels of academic achievement and are more engaged in school, both concurrently and in later years.’ 

For further information on the range and content of the new statutory guidance visit; Education__Relationships_and_Sex_Education__RSE__and_Health_Education2.pdf


Our PSHE Hub is being led by :

  • Meg PSHE Lead at Woodbank Primary in Bury
  • Jo PSHE lead at Culcheth High School
  •  Michelle Wellacre Academy in Trafford.

If anyone wants any PSHE SLE support then chat to our Director of Teaching School Lisa Fathers @lisafathersAFL

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