Blog: Happy 2nd Birthday #WomenED

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Blog by Lisa Fathers, Head of Teaching School / Bright Futures Educational Trust Co-Principle

I already had a very clear understanding of my role and my vision for leadership but WomenEd constantly reinforces that vision about empowering others so it has definitely grown stronger.

Twitter has brought many fantastic connections both for me and for my Teaching School. I love the fact that teachers and leaders are constantly sharing, talking and supporting each other. I’ve always believed in the real power of networks and Twitter has strengthened that. I’ve found sharing blogs and the support from other Women Ed leaders really heartening.

I have always had a real drive to ensure equality of opportunity to all and WomenEd really dials that up & turns it into action. I am now Coaching and supporting Women on the phone & via Email up & down the country- I love the feeling I’m helping to make a difference to other women reaching their potential. Equally I know I can ask for support too.

‘Virtually’ I’ve collaborated with other women on the ‘be 10% bolder’ agenda & I’ve also used Twitter connections to widen my network. I’m attending the first WomenEd conference in Manchester on the 10th June & I’ve agreed to be a Regional NW WomenEd Lead! My confidence has been boosted because I know you have support from other women and that is really empowering & a safe place to be. I’ve used the WomenED messages to help build confidence in others too!

I’ve met some amazing people, I’ve read some thought provoking blogs. When I was a student teacher my English Subject Mentor was Lynn Nichols @SalehighHT and she has always championed the ‘Women to Women’ support movement even before ‘WomenEd’ was a born. I’ve always been inspired by her supportive women to women ethos.

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