Blog: EYFS Conference gets our CPD programme for 2020 off to a flying start

A re-cap of the event by Nicola Blatchly-Lewis

We have kicked off the year with an exciting start for our EYFS CPD programme with our conference welcoming representatives from over 40 schools and settings from across the North West.  Attendees heard from experts on key subjects including behaviour and inclusion, healthy movers, and leading early years to improve impact and outcomes for all.

In case you missed it, here’s a summary of the day:


Our conference opened with an insightful presentation to get us thinking about behaviour and inclusion.  The session brought to life how de-escalation skills and positive listening and learning can help reduce conflict spirals. 

It also involved self-reflective work looking how staff can communicate non-verbal messages to students and introduced some fantastic tools for communication and engagement techniques including scripts and how to form an individual support plan.   We also explored why the ‘3 Rs’ are vital to understanding behaviour and how routines, relationships and response are key components that stabilise all individuals.


Physical Development in Early Years

We were also fortunate to hear from not one, but three speakers about the benefits of movement on our physical and mental health – a subject we are passionate about here at Alliance for Learning and Bright Futures Educational Trust.

Collectively they illustrated practical workshop ideas, including dance, for schools to use in practice.  They also highlighted the role that physical activity, vestibular sense and balance plays in a child’s development AND they got us up and moving!


Leadership to improve impact and outcomes for all

We heard from an Early Years Manager and Trainer in Manchester, now studying for a Masters in Leadership and Management Education, who led an informative discussion about the importance of leading in Early Years to improve outcomes for all.  Attendees learned more about the traits of successful educational leaders, different styles of leadership, plus the various stages and theory behind team development.   We looked at the importance of the environment in learning and were able to gain an insight into our own leadership styles. 


Here’s some of the feedback we received on the day:

“I came away with lots of useful strategies for handling behaviour in a positive way – every child needs a champion!” 

“Plenty of food for thought about the different leadership styles that are required to lead different members of staff.” 

“We got lots of great ideas about new ways to promote PE and make it fun. This will really help me plan more interesting PE sessions that will ensure our pupils stay healthy and happy.” 

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