Alliance for Learning Teaching School teams up with specialist EAL Hub

The Alliance for Learning Teaching School SCITT has announced a new partnership with English as an Additional Language (EAL) specialist, EAL Hub, helping more children to access the curriculum and remain in a mainstream EAL hub 2class setting.

The collaboration will deliver best practice around EAL teaching and learning to benefit all pupils in schools and will offer CPD training opportunities and resources to those who work with EAL pupils.

The CPD courses will cover topics ranging from new arrivals and the first steps to integration, to working with parents to develop community cohesion. Resources such as welcome packs and tools to build vocabulary and literacy skills, plus picture and video resources will also be available.

Lisa Fathers, Director at Alliance for Learning Teaching School, comments: “At Alliance for Learning we are strong advocates of inclusive EAL education. As a teaching school we’ve identified a real need for EAL training in the Manchester area.  The work we are doing with EAL Hub means we will now be able to offer exceptional EAL training, reviews and support to a vast number of schools across the North West.

“Many teachers worry that they lack experience to support EAL children as many have only experienced a small amount of EAL preparation as part of their initial teacher training.   With some knowledge of the theory behind language acquisition and an understanding of cultural differences between languages, many already have the skills required to support EAL learners because strategies are similar to those already being used in teaching.   Our new courses are designed to help individuals at all levels to increase their confidence in this area.”

Beth Southern, founder of EAL Hub and a former head of EAL in an inner-city school, says: “This is an exciting partnership which we hope will have far-reaching holistic benefits for schools.  Our joint aim is to help students to continue to learn in the mainstream classroom as much as possible, while providing versatile and holistic EAL support for teachers in need of training.”

Alliance for Learning and the EAL Hub are offering taster sessions for those working in a primary or secondary setting and bespoke training courses are available on location at schools.

A secondary taster training session will take place on 18 September, 9.30-3.30pm with primary training taking place on 4 October 9.30-3.30pm, at Alliance for Learning Teaching School, Altrincham.  For more information visit:


EAL in context – Cedar Mount Academy

Cedar Mount Academy in Gorton classes 65.8% of its students as those with EAL. The most recent analysis by its EAL department suggests that 63% of EAL students require ongoing support in order to access the curriculum as they are not yet classed as having competent proficiency in English.  Assessment also suggests that 22% of EAL students cannot access the curriculum as they are either new to English or at the early acquisition stage and therefore require a partial timetable and personalised support. Cedar Mount Academy has to assess, induct and integrate a high number of international new arrivals on a regular basis.

Kal Hodgson, Principal at Cedar Mount Academy, says: “On paper, some of the academic challenges mask the positive impact that such a diverse community brings to the academy. By being a school where students with EAL are so readily welcomed, and where international new arrivals feel comfortable, Cedar Mount Academy is a place where bonds and bridges are built between communities from very different backgrounds.

“The real strength of Cedar Mount Academy is its diversity and its inclusive attitude. In every activity, we see students from different backgrounds who speak a range of different languages, collaborating and communicating to enrich their own and each other’s lives.  We work hard to give students with EAL greater accessibility to the curriculum and this undoubtedly contributes to the positive culture within the school.”



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