Continuing Professional Development (CPD)


“Building a culture where professional learning is at the heart is shown to be highly effective.  Colleagues within schools or groups of schools where professional learning is embedded and is responsive are likely to flourish, thereby enabling their students to thrive”

Alison Peacock, 2018

The standard for teachers’ professional development (2016) is clear that as educators, we have a collectively responsibility to improve our practice.  The Alliance for Learning believe that continuing professional development is a fundamental part of improving teachers practice and therefore, it should be prioritised by school leaders as part of their school improvement journey.

Professional development should support teachers in developing their knowledge and expertise around evidence-informed practice so that they can confidently utilise educational research and evidence in order to become experts in their classroom, supporting sustainable improvements in student outcomes.  Investing time in developing your knowledge and skills helps teachers to grow professionally, remain competent, effective and innovative within the classroom.

Continuing professional development is most effective when it involves collaboration with peers and is steeped in evidence and research.  Every professional development opportunity must seek to explore the collective expertise of the whole profession to be able to better understand its effectiveness in the classroom.  The Alliance for Learning support this by offering a range of coaching and mentoring programmes that will cultivate a culture of ongoing effective professional learning.  Our programmes seek to develop evaluative practitioners who are sufficiently equipped to consistently assess the impact of their practice and professional development on the students they teach.  Alongside this, our plethora of programmes extend teaching repertoires, maximise performance in the classroom and develop and support school and system leaders to create a culture of professional development that is rich in research.

All of our programmes at Alliance for Learning have received outstanding evaluations; are challenging, engaging and have undergone rigorous quality assurance processes.  Furthermore, as a responsive learning organisation, our programmes are driven by and rapidly respond to what is at the forefront of educational change.

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[1] Weston, D and Clay, B. (2018) Unleashing Great Teaching: The secrets to the most effective teacher development. Routledge: Oxon


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