Mental Health & Wellbeing

Menopause CPD

Course Details
Date: Tuesday 13th July
Time: 3pm - 5pm
Venue: This course will take place ONLINE via Zoom, and delegates will be sent a Zoom link to join the session
Facilitated by: Dr Sarah Ball, Newston Health Menopause and Wellbeing Centre

Menopause CPD in partnership with Newson Heath Menopause and Wellbeing Centre

A session to better understand the menopause for yourself or to help you in supporting colleagues.

This valuable session will cover topics such as understanding the menopause at work, treatment options, what to expect when going through the menopause and how to support yourself and others experiencing this change in their life.

This session is free of charge to any schools in our teaching school hub areas, or in our Alliance for Learning network.

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